"I learnt more about the theory of comedy and it's delivery than I imagined existed, and found it very helpful."

"This was a great learning experience for me and a significant personal challenge. If you love communication in all its forms, do this course."

Learn the Art of Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy is a communication martial art and by learning it you will benefit in numerous and wonderful ways.

  • Humour
  • More Confidence
  • Clearer Communications
  • Fear Busting
  • Dynamic Public Speaking
  • Fun

Martial arts are about co-operating with what IS to make maximum impact. Each and every one of us has a magic spark inside and when you take the risk to tell the truth, be yourself, and relax into your natural playfulness you become irresistibly likeable to your audience.

In my stand-up comedy workshops you will master skills that will profoundly help you whether you want to fast track a career in stand-up, be a more captivating communicator, a dynamic performer or just have more enjoyment in your life.